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    With daily commitments piled high, sleep can sometimes seem like a long lost friend. This Valentine, give your loved ones the gift of snooze at Sona Spa.

    The film, written and directed by Makrand Deshpande is based on a Hindi play which revolves around the story of two girls Rucha, a billionaire from Mumbai and Ritu, a middle-class person from Pune. Another major character is Baba Dayanand ( Naseeruddin Shah), who runs Sona Spa where the girls work.

    Rucha wants to sleep on behalf of her billionaire father who doesn't get enough sleep. Ritu, on the other hand, does it for her sister who has not slept after a tragedy in which she lost their mother and brother. Gradually, Rucha and Ritu start sleeping on behalf of their clients. While Rucha's client is Choksi, a rich man yearning for sleep, Ritu's is a cop disguised as the head of a company. Complexities emerge when the two 'sleep workers' start inhabiting their clients' subconscious mind.

    Sona Spa, produced by Miraj Entertainment, releases on March 22.



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