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    Talking The day when Akshay kumar cried

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    Akki is the special guest in this week's episode of Sajid Khan's television show, 'Sajid's Superstars'. The ever so charming and handsome Akki enters with a bang on the show and well, falls on his face (like we don't know that was a farce). Nonetheless, Sajid in his usual manner digs out facts about Akshay's struggling days. He asks Akshay, "How did you get your first break?" To which Akshay replies, "I remember I was chosen to go to Bangalore to do an ad. I was told to come to the airport at 5:30 and was signed for Rs. 11,000, which at that time was a big amount." Akshay confesses that he was so happy about getting this assignment that he went and raved about it to his parents and sister. "It was an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I was very excited," he states.

    But things were not destined to work out the way Akshay had planned. Continues Kumar, "Suddenly early morning next day, I got a call asking, 'kahan hai tu bewakoof… we are all waiting at the airport. Where are you?' Actually, there was some confusion. They told me to report at the airport at 5:30 in the morning and I misunderstood it. I thought I had to reach there in the evening."

    But what happened after that made the superstar cry. "They told me that people like me who are so unprofessional in life can never make it big. I cried a lot, all my dreams were shattered," says Akshay.

    However, probably that one comment made all the difference in Akshay's life, coz today; he is known to be one of the most professional actors in the industry. No wonder, he has success kissing his feet.

    THnx so much Falu!!! So HOT!

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    yah i saw a vid of tht
    well wow tht wud really suck
    but hey he made it big wid his hardwork

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    Default nice

    well whatever the show is i dont know i havent seen it. but nicely said kamz. ur a good talker. keep up the good work telling us stories lol.



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