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    Default "My daughter is not ready for a film career at the moment," says Sridevi

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    Sridevi who recently made a stunning comeback in English Vinglish is quite kicked by the rumours of her elder daughter Jhanvi making her acting debut.

    Says Sridevi, “She is only 15. Give her some space to make up her mind about what she wants to do with her life. I know these days kids know their minds very soon in life. But Jhanvi is at the moment studying. I’d like her to finish formal education before she chooses her career.”

    Having said that Sridevi would be most happy to see her daughter become an actress like her mother. “It’s a beautiful industry. If either of my daughters chooses to be in the industry I’d be most happy.”

    The proud mother adds that the rumours of Jhanvi making her acting debut gained momentum after the mother and daughter made a joint appearance at a fashion show on Monday evening.

    Adds papa Boney Kapoor, “That appearance in Monday got them and me quite a lot of appreciative comments about the tall ladies in high heels on the ramp. As far as I’m concerned ramp-walking is where the limelight ends for Jhanvi for now. She is too young to be pursuing a career right now. We want her to concentrate on her studies first.”

    Significantly Sonam Kapoor is the first girl from Boney-Anil Kapoor’s family to become an actress. Does that break the taboo on female members of film clans being kept away from the acting profession?

    Boney demurs, “There never was any taboo. Every child in our family, male or female is free to pursue any career.”



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