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    Default Dara Singh on ventilator, critical and battling for life

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    The moment the name Dara Singh is coined, an image forms in our mind’s eye which is of power, strength, beauty and exuberance. Yes, the real “He Man” of the Bollywood industry, Dara “Hercules” Singh is indeed the real man amongst the boys.

    Now the media is abuzz with the news of Mr Singh being unwell and battling for life. Furthermore, rumour mills spread the word around that he has already breathed his last. The info spread a blanket of despair amongst all the reporters in team.

    So we decided to get down to the facts. We tried getting in touch with Vindu Dara Singh, but he remained unavailable (understandable…these are difficult times).

    However, we managed to have a word with the COO of the hospital (Kokilaben Hospital), where Dara Singh is admitted.

    Informed Ram Narain, “Dara Singh is not dead. These are all rumors. He is on ventilator and needs high dosage of oxygen. His kidneys are not working.”

    He continued, “Dara’s entire family is here. Vindu has accepted the fact that his father is 84. He knows his condition and has understood the situation. We just hope that he gets better with passing time.”

    Dara ji, we hope the same. Get well soon!!!

    Vindu later reverted to our text message saying, "We are doing all we can. We will get some news in the next 24 hours. I hope his tests get done."



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