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    Default Dara Singh: The Strongest

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    It’s hard to imagine Dara Singh lying critically ill wrestling between life and death. The wrestler-actor played the super-hero in a ritzy costume without an iota of self-consciousness long before Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan made the grade as the desi super-hero in Ra.One and Krissh.

    Indeed these chic FX sagas would not have been possible if Dara Singh had not done the derring-do in Sikander-e-Azam, Sher Dil, Tarzan Comes To Delhi, Iron Man , Rustom-e-Hind and a whole battery of action films in the 1960s which earned him the epithet of the Stunt King.

    Back in those days action-driven films were looked down upon and given the chee-chee designation of stunt films.

    Dara Singh had his own staunch fan-following to laugh cheer and whistle as he cracked the opponents’ bones without artifice. There were no body doubles back then, no trick photography. Dara Singh did the action live. And boy, did he love it!

    No leading lady of those times was willing to be paired with a stunt hero. But did Dara care?! He picked out Mumtaz who at that time played bit parts as the hero’s sister or the heroine’s friend, and made her his permanent heroine . They acted together in 16 films and became very close family friends.

    Mumtaz’s sister Mallika married Dara Singh’s brother Randhawa. They have a son Shaad Randhawa who starred opposite Kangna Ranaut in the Bhatts’ Woh Lamhe.

    Dara Singh’s love for the camera never diminished even as age caught up with him. In 2007 he appeared for the last time in a feature film Jab We Met as Kareena Kapoor’s grandfather.

    Director Imtiaz Ali had commented on how in the vast cast of actors from the age of 7 to 80, Dara Singh was the most energetic.

    When one spoke to Dara Singh’s nephew Shaad Randhawa on Sunday afternoon he said, “He is critical. But showing signs of improvement. Please pray for him.”

    We wish him a quick recovery!!!

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    He is the Heman , Superman, of India . he will be going to be alright .



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