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    Default What is the Dabangg Khan scared of???!!!

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    The daring and dashing Salman Khan is a little ‘phattu’ at the thought of losing his loved ones.

    “I am always afraid of losing my loved ones…I want all my dear ones to be hale and hearty. Whenever the phone rings in the wee hours, we all get worried about who’s calling at this hour,” the big-hearted Khan said in an interview.

    During the interview, Salman also narrated an incident when his younger brother, Sohail Khan, called him in the wee hours of one morning and wept like a baby. Salman was totally worried and unnerved and thought that something real bad had happened. On asking Sohail what the matter was, Sohail replied that he called to tell Salman how much he loves him. LOL!!!. Salman’s heart ‘skipped a thousand beats’ on hearing Sohail weep.
    ...being a human...



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