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    Default Cruelty against women horrifies Kangana

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    In the aftermath of the Delhi gangrape, many celebrities have expressed their angst against the way women are treated in our society.

    Actress Kangana Ranaut is one of those who feels strongly about the cause and says that it is appalling how women are looked at even in today's times. The actress recently launched an initiative in the capital, along with Delhi Police, where she urged people not to use dark films in their cars to prevent crime against women. Kangana, who was shooting in Delhi for her latest film Queen, had said at that time that since Delhi Police approached her while she was in the city, she agreed to be a part of their initiative.

    But, the larger reason, says the actress is that she feels really disturbed at how women are suffering in today's times. In fact, her sister is an acid attack victim, but that is not the only reason why Kangana is raising her voice. "It's not just about my sister. It's about every woman. It's about how criminals are roaming free. Even those men who raped that Delhi girl have criminal records. As a society, how are we comfortable with men like this roaming freely? That is what my problem is. I am ashamed and horrified at the way women are being treated in our society today. Women need to be respected."

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