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    Default Cricketer Yuvraj Singh in Simi Garewal’s show this week

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    Simi Selects India’s most desirables on Star World mostly have bollywood celebrities appearing ranging from Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha to Abhay Deol, Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh besides the only International singer Lady Ga Ga. This time for a change there would be heart throbe of millions cricketer Yuvraj Singh who will be seen speaking his heart out on the show on various topics. Not many know Yuvraj Singh has acted in two Punjabi films once upon a time.

    When Simi asked if he will make a comeback in films he said, “May be when I retire. I know that will be late but you know I can do a lot of make up. I think I would love to act with Kajol. Ya at the moment I’m still thinking Kajol”. On being probed further if he has met Kaajol and got a chance to speak to her he said, “Ya I have and when I got a chance to meet her I told her, “When I was young , I had come to take the autograph but I just couldn’t get… through to her because, because, because of the crowd”. In India cricket is like religion so for cricket buffs who wants to know real Yuvraj Singh this is a good opportunity.

    Simi effortlessly made Yuvraj Singh open up to her questions and he was very happy to interact with live audiences who were extremely excited on seeing the star cricketer. On asking about the hardships he faced he says, “I remember practicing in the lights with net and the ball, so it was just cricket 24hrs. I used to get so tired …

    so on the previous training or previous day when I didn’t want to get up at times, there were times when my father used to fill up a bucket of cold water in my quilt so I used to get up and start training and I used to hate my dad at those times. I didn’t like it that time but I think those sacrifices I made that time, what he made me do is the reason why I played for India at a very early age”.
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