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    Default I couldn't see Baba Ramdev starving: Rakhi Sawant

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    Item girl Rakhi Sawant heaves a sigh of relief that Baba Ramdev has finally broken his annshan. Having declared her love for Baba publically sometime back, Rakhi goes on to add: "I was very hurt that he hadn't eaten anything for six days. And I couldn't see him in that state. I don't want anyone to suffer on our behalf, especially Baba!"

    Kursi ki ladai
    She may have a soft corner for Baba, but she is forthright enough to add: "I really hope that this annshan of Baba is not a kursi ki ladai. In most of the cases, people just want to grab power through antics like morchas and dharnas. I feel if Baba wanted to do annshan, he shouldn't have involved others, he should have gone solo to keep his fight pure. And imagine the trauma the common people had to face - being stuck in the traffic jam for six hours!"

    I cancelled my flight
    Rakhi says she had all the plans of participating in Baba's movement in Delhi. "I had booked my flight for Delhi, but when I saw political parties joining the fray, I just cancelled it! I wonder if the movement was being funded by these political parties to create a huge tamasha. It reminded me of Anna Hazare's movement, which ended on a different level," she says.

    Anna's team has cheated us
    "Anna Hazare is one man, who has never lied or cheated in his life, so I really respect him a lot. But, it broke my heart to know that Anna's movement ended in political lanes. Team Anna has cheated us! I'm sure it is not Anna himself, but those around him, who are trying to take mileage of his popularity," she says.
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