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    Default "There is nothing conventional about Phhir" - Roshni Chopra

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    My first eye to eye contact with Roshni Chopra was almost a year and a half ago at Indigo Cafe in Andheri when I was having the never-before-gone-on a 'double date' with Roshni and her co-star in Phhir - Adah Sharma. So this time around, I really wanted to go solo. A few BBM chats with Roshni and we settled on to meet at the Pali Village Cafe in Bandra. A year and a half is a long time. Times have changed and so have the movies in Bollywood but its Rosh's free spirited smile and attitude that hasn't. Draped in beige shorts and a printed top with her hair let loose, the actress walked in the restaurant on a pleasant Saturday afternoon with her blue designer purse giving her company. She's one of those individuals I've met who conveys a lot of emotion even while looking outside the window or glancing at who is walking in and out of the Pali Village Cafe. With talent that speaks volumes, ambition that says - 'I've just arrived in Bollywood. There's a long road ahead', and a striking physicality about her - her slender frame and beautiful bod, Roshni is hell bent on making her own niche in the field of entertainment. To listen to Chopra talk about her career is to hear an actress whose attitude towards her work is so not ambivalent. It's surely decisive. And so she decides - decides to order her Pizza, salad and her favourite coffee. I order my ravioli and we both start to talk about fun, films and her claim to fame. Lunch went on for about an hour and a half and soon after she left the restaurant a notion occurred in my mind - It's often thought that a woman can't be funny, that women are supposed to be sexy, not funny and so with her gift for physical expression and pin-sharp sense of timing - for both serious and humorous talks, the actress is tailor-made for comedy. I guess that'll have to wait. I mean, that'll have to be 'Phhir' kabhi! For now, here's the enchantress - Roshni Chopra.

    "There's an excitement that's inexplicable that I haven't felt before"
    Even though I've been in front of the camera on the television, Phhir does feel like a debut because it is my first film. Of course it feels (laughs). There's an excitement that's inexplicable that I haven't felt before. So it really feels nice after being in the television for five years to feel this newness and nervousness. It's a very 'heady' feeling!



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