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    Red face Computers rattle my nerves: Salman

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    Computers rattle my nerves: Salman
    Salman Khan surely looks to be a kind of person, who gets himself totally engrossed in whichever project he decides to work on.

    The star is really making sure that his debut on small screen with Sony’s Dus Ka Dum makes a big impact on the history of reality shows. Following is what the actor has recently written in his blog in order to promote his show…

    Boney Kapoor's son Arjun played as the first contestant and won ten crores! Computers work to precision and in my informal approach, I had to see that the elaborate arrangements were not disturbed.

    The first thing I realized was that in this format, man and machine had to work in tandem. Even a little turn out of sync can bring about this loud deafening noise. It's like conducting a symphony with an invisible baton.

    My first session of feeling the equipment didn't go well but the well experienced Babu (yes, I too began calling Siddhartha by the name he's comfortable with) was sure that it was a good beginning.

    Probably they had seen worse or they had no high expectations from me. It's all about comfort, that's it. However, much my cool exterior may fool everyone, I know myself. I am very comfortable with moving machines that throb with life but steel cold gigantic computers rattle my nerves!

    My problem was how to be spontaneous amidst all these complicated machines and mechanisms.

    I follow my impulses and spontaneity is the watchword for me. Most actors tend to be conscious and competitive.

    I never bother about stealing scenes from co-stars or outshining others. I have done a lot of stage shows all over the world. I discuss and disclose my ideas freely.

    If a colleague says he'd like to use one of my exciting ideas of stage entry or exit, I willingly let them. My interest is in the overall impact of the show. Just as I think a lot about the impact of my film in totality.

    But, Babu is a perfectionist. How do I convince him that my charm lies in being imperfect? And this is what connects me with people. I am as imperfect as my fans are. And nothing would want to make me change that.

    The following night, I arrived for rehearsals at Mehboob Studio, with director Subhash Ghai. I was shooting during the day for his film.

    We began the mock show in his presence and he got so involved, he wanted to play the contestant! The questions were so funny yet intriguing and we began having some serious fun.

    In our day-to-day life, we often discuss mundane things with a spare sprinkling of profundity. It reminds me of Charlie Chaplin who once said that “Life in a snapshot is a tragedy, in a long shot its comedy.”

    In the next few sessions, my brother Sohail, sisters Alvira and Arpita, participated as contestants. I was very happy that director David Dhawan, too, liked the format and agreed that most questions should be hilarious and not necessarily intelligent. Friend producer Sajid Nadiadwala and Director Anil Sharma, too, gave their inputs.

    As a star of the masses I have always admired and connected with common people. I believe they are and will always be the fountainhead of national energy.



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