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    Cool I have always been comfortable In Bikini – Bipasha Basu.

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    Bollywood actress Bipasa Basu who has sizzled in latest ‘Raaz3′ first look poster by posing in bikini body,Few people thought she has used bodydouble to pose in boldavtar,Bipasha cleared the rumours by saying,”I had no reason to hire a body double for the shoot as she is comfortable with her toned body.”

    “I have always been comfortable in my skin ( Wearing Bikini) and never been conscious of my body,”adds Bipasha Basu.

    According to the sources,Raaz3 producers where in double mind to approach Bipasha for the Bold Shoot for ‘Raaz3′ poster and and had considered using a body double, and later morphing the actress’s face onto the model’s body.However,when Bipasha came to know about the concept she came forward and decided to do herself.

    “When I learnt about the concept (of the poster), I decided to do it. I had no qualms. It’s my movie and I should be shooting for the poster. I understand that it was required to show the film’s theme in the right light, so it was the right decision,”Bipasha said.



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