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    Default ‘Comedy is my forte - GOVINDA !!!'

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    You have lost a lot of weight.

    Well, yes! I lost about 28 kilos. It wasn’t a drastic weight loss; I have been working on my body for quite sometime. My instructor didn’t let me eat food!

    So, are we going to see you flaunting six-pack abs like the younger heroes?.

    Absolutely not! In our profession it is very important to remain fit and there is nothing wrong in being weight-conscious. But I am not at that stage in my career where I can flaunt six-pack abs. But as actors it is our job to do what the role demands, so if a role requires me to do it, then may be!

    How was it working with Lara Dutta?.
    Lara is a lovely girl to work with. Both Lara and Sushmita are thorough professionals and are good at comedy. I was pleasantly surprised with Lara in Partner though I wasn’t paired with her but this time it was totally different. She is good at what she does; we had a great time shooting for the film.

    Apparently, Lara and Katrina refused to star opposite you for a small role in Life Partner, which eventually went to Amrita Rao. .

    They are both smart girls who are doing very well for themselves. At this point in their careers, they have the right to decide about the films they want to do. It was a small role and I am sure they had their reservations about not wanting to do it. I don’t hold it against them.

    And Sushmita? Apparently, you both couldn’t see eye-to-eye while shooting for the film?.
    That is all rubbish! Sushmita is a professional and there was absolutely no problem at any point of time. I don’t know where such stories come from, especially because Sush and I go a long way back!

    When do you use the term Do Knot Disturb?.
    I use it when reporters or anybody asks me a personal question. I am very particular about guarding my personal life and when someone intrudes into that territory, I ask them to back off.

    Are you as funny as the characters that you play in real life as well?.
    Not at all. I am a very serious person in real life. I compensate for it by playing comic roles on screen. Comedy is my forte.

    Well, I am working with a new set of actors. The casting is what makes the film special. Riteish Deshmukh, Ranvir Shorey, Sushmita Sen, Lara Datta and I make a good combination. Add David Dhawan to it and you get the perfect recipe for 3 hours of non-stop entertainment.

    What took you so long to team up with David Dhawan again after Partner?.

    David is a busy man and the film has a big star cast. We had to co-ordinate Lara, Riteish, Sushmita and my dates, so that took pretty long. Anyway we didn’t want to make a film for the heck of it. I was also busy with politics and hence the delay. I am making up for the three years that I lost and trying to balance my film career now.

    Why the sudden end to your political career?.
    I strongly believe that all good things come to an end. I joined Congress when I was required and quit when I thought the party was better off without me. Success has its own downside and that was working against me. Sometimes things don’t work in your favour and in politics you are answerable to a lot of people. I have done everything to the best of my capabilities. For two years, I concentrated on politics and now I am back on track.

    So will you join politics again?.
    I don’t want to answer that question because I don’t want to give out any wrong information. As of now I am happy doing films. I guess my family is happier about my decision to quit politics.

    Riteish had earlier said that Govinda is the king of comedy and he is privileged to be working with you. How does that feel?.
    I am flattered. It is very sweet of Riteish to have said something like that. But I must mention that Riteish is also good with his comic timing. I have seen him in Heyy Babyy and Masti and I really think he will go a long way. I have known him since he was this gawky teenager who aspired to be in films. I never imagined that he would actually be doing a film with me. He is a talented boy and he will go places.

    You sport the same bracelet that Salman Khan sports on his wrist. Did he advise you to wear it?.
    The stone is called Firoza and I got it made sometime ago. It is a lucky stone and I hope it brings me prosperity and luck.

    So, is a sequel to Partner in the offing?.
    I am game for it. Salman and David are busy, so the minute their dates are sorted out, I will come into the picture.

    What about your daughter Narmada?Are you planning to launch her in a film?.

    Narmada is a very obedient girl and I have told her to wait for the right film. I am sure something will come her way soon. I want her to take her own time, as she is still young.

    Will Raavan see you play a serious role after a long time?.
    Raavan is very different from all my other films. I have worked really hard on it and I am looking forward to its release. Working with Mani Ratnam is like a dream come true, who doesn’t want to work with him? All I can say is just wait and watch.

    So what are your future plans?.

    Well, I have a few films lined up, but I will talk about them sometime later. Beyond that I want to have a long, healthy life, a huge, palatial bungalow and financial security.
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