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    Default Comedy doesn’t have to be a cheap act: Asrani

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    Veteran actor Govardhan Asrani, who is best-known as the eccentric jailor of Sholay, was in neighbouring Indore recently and spoke to us about why he finds cheap comedy repulsive.

    "Comedy is very effortless. One doesn't have to resort to cheap imitations of characters or people around you to make others laugh. At least, that is what I've always believed in. I find the double-meaning and insulting dialogues in the name of comedy very annoying. Gaali mein kya comedy hai? Abusing someone can never be fun. Call it my age or maturity, I don't really bother, akhir hum angrezon ke zamane ke jailor hai bhaiyya. On a serious note, comedy should be something that you can enjoy with your family and not snigger when alone or with friends. In my five-decade long career and 300 films, I've breathed comedy and trust me that is the only mantra that I'm still happy and healthy," he said.

    Elated by the warm welcome he received from Indore's janta, Asrani expressed his fondness for the city. "I have never seen such fun people in my life. Indoreans are not only welcoming, but very homely. The atmosphere in MP is something you can never find in places like Mumbai or Delhi. I had a gala time here. Even kids knew me and that was a surprise. Of course, their parents might have shown them classics and that is what I love about them. People in MP are connected to their roots and are culturally active," he added.

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