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    Default I can do more than comedy -Aftab Shivdasani !!!

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    An extract of an interview with Aftab Shivdasani by Deepa Mishra !!!

    Multi-starrer material Aftab Shivdasani goes down the memory lane and shares his experience of doing a film based on memory loss. He gets candid in an interview and talks about the details of his film Acid Factory.

    What is your idea of memory loss?

    It is due to drug or amnesia caused by an accident. For the first time I am doing a film based on this concept, so I am very excited. But I cannot bear with the loss of memory, as we are human and wants to know everything. It gives high as an actor, but as a person it is dangerous.

    Tell us about acid factory?

    All the bad people have lost their memory and wake up in an acid factory, only to get frustrated. They do not know who they are and what are they doing in that factory. Film is exciting, as its screenplay is back and forth and mystery unfolds bit by bit. It has hard-hitting dialogues, its fun to watch the frustration of each character. In fact in this film before the characters audience would know what is happening.

    Tell us about your character in the film?

    I am playing a very aggressive role in the film. I canít reveal the name, as there is mystery even behind names. He is a kind of guy who picks up a rod at the drop of a hat. He is very violent.

    What would you like to forget from your past memories?

    We cherish good old days and forget the bad ones, but I rather remember both, as whatever I am today is because of those tough days.

    You are known for your comic timings, so will this film change the audience opinion about you?

    I love to do thriller, earlier I did Kasoor, but that character was very composed and still. But this film will show a different facet of my personality. My comedy films worked, that does not mean I canít do anything else.

    Sanjay Gupta is known to have thrown a party for his actors, but you refrained from it?

    I canít work the whole day and party all night, so I refrained from it. I did attend on two occasions, but I donít have the energy to party after working hard everyday.

    You have been constantly seen in multi-starrer film.

    There is nothing to be insecure of an ensemble cast, as long as you are convinced of your character. You should do only what is needed in your role, if you do more, your over acting will be caught.
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