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    Default ‘This is my comeback film !!!'

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    The pretty Shenaz Treasurywala, who played the svelte Alisha in Ishq Vishk, is back on screen with Aagey Se Right. In an interview she talks about her role, her chemistry with co-star Kay Kay Menon and her penchant for travelling

    Life has always been unpredictable for Shenaz Treasurywala whose debut film, Ishq Vishk opposite Shahid Kapoor also came to her by chance. Her first stint with the camera was when she was chosen to host a show on MTV. “I got picked up to host shows on MTV as soon as I entered college. Soon after that Ishq Vishk also just happened. I was too young, wasn’t focused and had no idea what I wanted from life. Things came too easy to me and I admit I took that for granted,” says Shenaz.

    A far cry from her glamorous character Alisha of Ishq Vishk, Shenaz loved the idea of playing the new character. Though her debut film did well, none of the films offered to her were exciting so she decided to do her own thing. “I had just finished my studies. I decided to take some time off and think of what I really wanted. It was crazy. So many girls from all over the world come to Mumbai to be actors and here I was moving away from India to decide what I really wanted. I tried photography, writing, production, hosted travel shows, travelled the world, lived out of a suitcase like a hippie, went to acting and writing school in the US, did some plays, did tiny parts in LA; until I started missing Mumbai and all the buzz. I’ve been everywhere, studied in the best schools and now I’m ready to work hard and be focused. I don’t care about anything else anymore. Now I know that this is what I really want and it is my choice. I guess this is my comeback and I am very nervous about it,” says Shenaz.

    She plays Pearl, a soft, feminine almost fairy-tale-like character in Aagey Se Right. The challenge was to maintain the innocence in spite of working in a dance bar. She did quite a lot of homework for her role, went to dance bars and spent time with singers there. It was pretty difficult for her because she claims to be a big tomboy in real life.

    Shenaz is in awe of Kay Kay Menon, who is her co-star. “Kay Kay is a brilliant actor and we got along very well. He is the most dedicated and one of the best actors I’ve worked with. We share a certain chemistry that comes across when you watch the film.” Shenaz is open to doing multistar films and has only good things to say about co-star Mahie Gill. “Mahie and I didn’t have many scenes together but she was always around when I was shooting and vice-versa. We get along very well and I am not being diplomatic. If you ask me about the other actress in my previous film, I wouldn’t say the same thing but Mahie is a very sweet and down-to-earth girl.”

    Besides Aagey Se Right, she also has Radio with Himesh Reshammiya and Delhi Belly with Imran Khan. Her role in Radio is quite close to her real self. “In Radio, I play a more tomboyish role of a radio jockey, who is a Parsi-Punjabi mix and a little crazy, immature girl who gets easily happy, hurt or upset. My parents can’t wait for me to get married and I try to keep out of the house doing different jobs just to stay away from their nagging.” Considering Delhi Belly is an Aamir Khan Production, she is extremely tight-lipped about it. Probe her a little more and all she reveals is, “I am not allowed to mention anything about Delhi Belly. But I can tell you that I am in love with mamu Aamir. Every time I see him, I get all flushed.”
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