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    Default A close save for Sachiin Joshi

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    The young and dynamic Sachiin Joshi who makes his big Bollywood debut in one of the most coming- of -age action films, Aazaan, almost lost his eye while shooting for a scene. It so happened that while shooting atop a mountain in South Africa Sachiin was required to lie down with a sniper in his hand and almost met with a fatal injury .

    Says Sachiin “ I was suppose to lie down on a mountain with the sniper which is an extremely heavy gun. The technician told me that once fixed it’s only possible to shoot with the right hand as the gun is structured for the right handed. Being a left handed person I tried to maneuver it with my right hand but after I took the first shot I got hit next to my eye which was very close to the telescope of the sniper since the jerk was more than anticipated …it was a close save as I could have seriously damaged my eye”

    The actor however was admitted to the local hospital as he fell unconscious thanks to the jerk of the sniper and remained there for 2 days until he fully recovered and was ready to shoot again. Says a source “The sudden shock and jerk of the sniper had Sachin in a dazed state and hence he was rushed to the local hospital -thankfully it wasn’t that serious and he was discharged in 2 days”

    Truly representing the Globalization of Indian Cinema, Aazaan produced by JMJ Entertainment and directed by Prashant Chadha of Aap Ka Suroor fame comes to a theater near you September 2011.

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