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    Default 'Claustrophobic technique used Hide and Seek'

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    Debutant director Shawn Arranha is super excited these days with his film 'Hide and Seek' all set to hit the theatres soon.

    Shawn claimed that "Hide and Seek" is not a typical thriller film as it's made on a different magnitude.

    "The techniques used in the film are first of its kinds that have been made in India which will make the audience glued on to their seats. A catastrophic technique has been used in the film," said the young director.

    The film is based on six childhood friends Om, Abhi, Jaideep, Imran, Gunita and Jyotika, who start playing the popular game "Hide and Seek" on a cold Christmas night. But little do they expect that night and that game would change their lives forever.

    But why did Shawn choose to debut with a suspense thriller film?

    "I personally love watching action cum thriller films and I feel audience like such movies too as it keeps you on a loop. The script of "Hide and Seek" was really impressive and I think I've given my best shot to make the film interesting and I hope people like my work.

    "As an independent director today, I've done a lot of hard work for this film and I'm just waiting for the film to hit the theatres with a "houseful" tag," he said.

    How it felt to work with such a huge star cast"

    "It was a very good experience to begin with. We used to mostly shoot in the night time and we had a hectic 21 days work schedule which really worked in our favor as it gave the stars a natural terrified look," laughed Shawn.

    The film is a combined venture of Moser Baer Entertainment Ltd. and Idiot Box.


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