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    Default No city in this country is safe for women: Amrita Rao

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    Like all other celebs who've come to Bhopal, Amrita Rao too can't stop gushing about the city's beauty. She might be here for the first time, but the petite actress says she's already fallen in love with Bhopal. "It was love at first sight for me. I instantly fell in love with this beautiful city of lakes. There is something about Bhopal that draws your attention to it. The rustic feel and serenity of the place has bowled me over. I would love to visit Bharat Bhavan sometime. The rich culture of the city is fascinating. I keep asking about all the places we drive past to my driver while going to the set. If time permits, I would love to explore Bhopal further," Amrita says.

    As an actress, you have to be very diplomatic

    Amrita will be seen playing a journalist in Singh Sahab - The Great. About her experience, she says, "I did a lot of research and watched many news channels to pick up a reporter's mannerisms, language and dressing style." And what is her opinion about the profession now after having played the character onscreen, we ask? "I like the power that comes along with this profession, which is fascinating. As an actress, you don't have that. You have to watch your words and be diplomatic all the time. But being a mediaperson, one can be more upfront. After getting to know about this profession closely, I'm in awe of journalists," Amrita says, adding, "If I weren't an actress, I would have ventured into the field of advertising or marketing. My father owns an advertising agency. It is a part of my personality. I am good at marketing and promoting products."

    No city in this country is safe for women

    After hearing about the Delhi gang rape case, the actress says she is scared to travel alone. "I don't think any city in this country is safe for women. The government hasn't made any adequate plans and are not taking any measures to safeguard women. Of course, I don't travel by local trains or cabs, but my friends do, which is scary. Seeing the plight of women these days, I'm scared to travel alone. After the Delhi incident, I also read about a Russian dancer being attacked and molested by a few men in Mumbai. It is a national shame that women can't walk around freely in this country," Amrita says.

    I am a destiny's child

    Amrita, who got noticed after featuring in a coffee ad, says she had always wanted to be an actress. "I wanted to act in films since I was a little girl. I did not share it with my parents, nor did I formally train myself in the field of acting and dancing. In my early teens, I happened to audition for a TV commercial and there on featured in several ads, which eventually led me into films. I am a destiny's child. I would watch Sridevi and Madhubala onscreen and try to emulate them," Amrita shares, adding, "But I lead a very simple life and I'm constantly in touch with my friends and family. This helps me stay grounded."

    Looking for Mr Perfect

    The pretty actress hasn't been linked with any of her co-stars lately and is not heard to be dating anyone. What are the qualities she looks for in her Mr Right? "For me, an ideal man would be one who knows how to make a woman laugh. He has to have a good sense of humour. Also, I get attracted to a person's eyes. It is truly said that eyes lead to the soul. Actors like Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor used to romance women with their eyes," Amrita says.

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