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    Cinema is a beautiful way of communication: Kalki Koechlin
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    Default Cinema is a beautiful way of communication: Kalki Koechlin

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    She made way into our hearts in Dev D, and now she is back on screen in ‘yellow boots’. Kalki Koechlin opens up to on her latest film, That Girl In Yellow Boots and husband, Anurag Kashyap

    Kalki Koechlin

    That Girl in Yellow Boots is co-written by both Kalki and Anurag. This is Anurag’s first film to have a global release. The film also stars Naseeruddin Shah in a pivotal role and releases on September 2, 2011.

    Was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara a conscious effort to break from your image as an unconventional actress?

    No, it wasn’t. I never consciously try to make an image for myself. I don’t want to have a forced image. I want to be who I am and want that to be captured on camera candidly. ZNMD happened because Zoya (Akhtar) had liked my acting in Dev D and believed in me. I agree it’s a masala film but yet very relatable. I could imagine three boys going on a fun trip. I am not bothered if I am the heroine or how many lines I have. It’s about whether my character makes sense in the film. My character in ZNMD was of an annoying girl who spoils the party. It was challenging and very different from my own personality.

    How did you go about That Girl…?

    It was Anurag’s story and he narrated me the brief outline and asked me to write it. At first, I was very reluctant as the subject was intricate and he wanted a woman’s perspective on it. When I began writing, the content came really easily. For instance, the story is based on a white-skinned girl, Ruth. And I know what it’s to be one. The way people stare at you and the way guys assume you to be a flirt. But then there were many aspects about which I had no idea and that’s when I would talk to Anurag. I spoke to some actors on this and did a lot of research.

    The title of the film is peculiar. What’s your take on it?

    We should call it Peele joote waali ladki instead of That Girl In Yellow Boots. (Chuckles) It is not a mass film and is releasing only in metros. We wanted a title that would stand out and match with our central character Ruth, who is an alien to the city of Mumbai and looks very odd which immediately makes you notice her boots.

    What is the film about?

    It is about a young British citizen Ruth who comes to India in search of her father. The film begins with her already present in India for a year and is trying to renew her tourist visa. She lives as an illegal immigrant and ends up doing odd jobs. The authorities don’t kick her out but take undue advantage of her. The plot reveals how Ruth, in her desperate and stubborn search for her father, ends up losing herself.

    How different was it working again with Anurag?

    We were dating during the shoot of That Girl… and were able to understand each other much better. He knew me better as an actor and could trust me more. I knew him better as a director and wasn’t shy to question him. There was a lot more freedom. I could trust him while performing intimate scenes because I knew he wasn’t trying to do something cheap.

    Was it difficult to perform intimate scenes in front of Anurag’s presence?

    I think Anurag had more trouble than me. (Giggles) Of course it’s very uncomfortable! My co-actor was more scared than me. He was very scared to touch me but at the end of the day, it’s a part of our job.

    Do things become easy having Anurag on your side?

    The truth is Anurag casts me only when he feels I fit a particular role. I am not a part of his Gangs of Wasseypur. I can never play a Bihari girl. We have a mature, creative sensibility. On the other hand, there is a down side of being his wife. People think I will only do certain kinds of films and a lot of commercial people don’t even think of approaching me.

    Have film festivals become a platform to test films before their release?

    Film festivals are important if you want to be taken seriously on a world platform. A lot of Bollywood cinema works abroad mainly because we have such an amazing NRI population. We watch Hollywood films, but foreigners don’t watch our films. Films from all over the world get under one roof with same human nature. Cinema is a beautiful way of communication.

    Anurag recently made a comment that he won’t work with you again until it’s a light hearted film. Comment.

    I would like to work with Anurag again. We have done two intense films together (Dev D and That Girl…) and it’s important that we work again in a different genre. You don’t want to get stuck in a rut. I want to work with as many directors as possible because you learn different things from each one.

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