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    I have been brought up in a very cultured family,” screamed Saif while he assaulted and abused a 68-year-old man and his son-in-law at Wasabi restaurant inside Taj Hotel at Colaba in Mumbai on Wednesday. Though the police has registered an offence of assault, the main accused of the case, Saif Ali Khan and his two friends, are likely to get off by a bail in the matter. At the time of going to press, Saif is at Colaba police station. No arrest had taken place yet.

    he incident took place past midnight at Wasabi where the complainant, Iqbal Navin Sharma, 44, accompanied by his wife and in-laws had gone for a quiet dinner to celebrate his marriage anniversary. As they settled down to a few drinks, they were disturbed by loud noises from the nearby table. According to the police, Khan accompanied by girlfriend and actress Kareena Kapoor, Karisma Kapur, designer Vikram Phadnis, Amrita Arora and her husband Shakeel Ladakh were having a small get-together at the next table.

    “They were shouting and talking so loudly that it was irritating and disturbing. We wanted a bit of peace and not this hungama. I called the manager and asked him to tell them to lower their voices,” said Sharma.

    The manager conveyed this to Khan, but he refused to listen. At last, the Sharma family decided to shift to another table downstairs and asked the waiters to shift the food there. “As we were climbing down the stairs, Khan crossed our path as he was going towards the washroom. Spotting me, he stopped and told me ‘you know something, you are an idiot. If you want some peace go to a library. This place is not for you,” said Sharma.

    As Khan turned his back and started moving away Sharma screamed at him ‘ you are an idiot’. He turned back and punched Sharma on his nose, sending him flying down stairs. Seeing his son-in-law in trouble RamanBhai Patel, 68, came to his rescue and asked Khan to stop the fight. Khan inturn pushed Patel on the ground.

    “ I landed on the stairs and hurt my head. It was then this friend of Saif (Shakeel Ladakh) charged towards me and punched me hard on the face.

    Even the girls who were with them did not try to stop them.They were infact cheering their friends and hurling abuses at us,” recalled Patel.

    Later, as Khan realised what Ladakh had done and seeing the senior citizen in pain, he came down and apologised to the senior citizen but Patel told him to apologise to his son-in-law to which he refused and walked out of the restaurant.

    Sharma called up one of his family friends, who later drove them to G.T hospital first and then to the Colaba police station. An FIR was registered by 3.30 am.

    Sharma and his family reside in South Africa and run a business there. He had come to India with family on a vacation and are currently residing in Chrysalis building in Juhu.

    Sharma said, “I did not know who he was and it was the manager who told me that he was well-known actor of Bollywood. I know that he will easily get a bail and the matter will die down. But I will fight it to the end and see that these people are punished.”



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