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    Default Chandan Roy Sanyal's tryst with Russian co-star

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    For his role in a new Indie production called Prague, actor Chandan Roy Sanyal not only nearly lost his sanity, he also ended up in a strippers' club to shoot with stark-naked strippers.

    Recounting the experience, Sanyal said, "I had the most eerie and erotic experience in Prague shooting for my film Prague. I play this Bengali architect named, believe it or not, Chandan, who goes to Prague and has an affair with this Czech gypsy. The girl was a first-timer on camera, so I had to guide her."

    Apparently, while 'guiding' his Russian co-star Elena Kazan, Chandan 's scorching chemistry on screen got so hot it spilled out on the streets of Prague where the two were seen being openly and aggressively affectionate with one another.

    Challenge Chandan and he protests, "I am very clear about my relationship with my co-stars. I get completely involved with them while making love to them on screen. Once the film is over, I move on. This has happened with me a couple of times earlier also while I was shooting Bengali films. As for Elena, she was inexperienced. We had all these elaborate scenes to do. So yes, we were close. But Prague is not about lust and passion alone. My character is going insane. And I found myself losing my mental balance while playing him. To begin with, we are both named Chandan, so each time I'd ask about my character, I felt I was asking about myself in the third person. And then my character is a real sick man. He is schizophrenic. He is destroyed by his relationship with the Russian girl."

    Somewhere towards the end of his character's sanity he lands up in a strip joint. Chandan's director didn't want to fake the striptease. Says Chandan, "We shot in a real strip club in Prague with real dancers who went all the way. They took off all their clothes and were stark naked in front of us. We've shot them with fully exposed. But we wonder if the Indian censor board would appreciate the authenticity."



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