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    Default 'Chance Pe Dance' bears much similarity to my life: Shahid

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    He may be the heartthrob of millions of cinegoers today but there was a time, before 'Ishq Vishq' happened, when chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor found himself facing rejection at many auditions.

    'Chance Pe Dance', the new Bollywood's heartthrob's latest film, which tells the take of strugglers waiting to get their big break, bears a lot of similarity to Shahid's days as a newcomer in Bollywood.

    ''Doing the film, I could relate to my character in the film, an aspiring actor who has to wait for his big beak in Mumbai for three years. Like my character Sameer in the film, I too was rejected at many auditions and had to spend many a sleepless night in my car,'' Shahid said during a visit to the Capital to promote his latest film, which features him opposite another teenage favourite Genelia D'Souza.

    Replying to queries on whether the film was a biographical take on his life, Shahid, who was accompanied by Genelia and the director of the film Ken Ghosh, said, ''Yes, there are many scenes in the film that are similar to my life. However, it is not intentional. It is just they have turned out this way.'' Releasing on January 15, 'Chance Pe Dance', produced by UTV Motion Pictures, revolves around a talented young struggling actor Sameer (Shahid) who arrives in Mumbai to make it as an actor but has to juggle with various jobs while waiting to get his big break in movies.

    In his journey, he meets a choreographer, Tina (Genelia D'Souza). What happens after that is what the film all about.

    Talking about the film, Shahid said, ''It is a very realistic film on strugglers. The story of the film flows through such a situation that every struggler can identify with, whether he is struggling as an engineer, doctor or as a lawyer.'' About his character, Shahid said, ''It is a typical character of an aspiring actor who comes from Delhi to Mumbai and struggles for three years. He stays in a house but the rent is due for a long time. He owns a second hand car but has no money to buy petrol. However, despite having failed in almost 200 auditions, he is a very positive guy.

    Every day he wakes up with the hope that something good will happen to him that day. That is the spirit that keeps him going.'' Shahid said the film was originally named 'Yahoo'.

    However, the title had to be changed as the name 'Yahoo' was registered with and they were not willing to allow their name for the film.

    Finally, Ken and Shahid decided on 'Chance pe Dance' since the struggling hero wanted a chance to showcase his dancing talent to the Bollywood producers to convince them.

    Said the director Ken Ghosh, ''The title was not only self-explanatory but also looked street smart and so we decided to go with it.'' Shahid said he loved working in the film as he identified with the theme and storyline and enjoyed every bit of shooting of the film at various locations.

    The makers of the flick have also tied up with Fanta.

    They have launched a special edition bottle of the soft drink to promote the film.

    Talking to UNI, the CEO of UTV Motion Pictures, Sidharth Roy Kapur said they had planned several events to promote the film which would involve both Shahid and Genelia.

    ''Other than Delhi, Mumbai and other Indian cities, they will be travelling to Dubai and London to promote the film.

    ''There are quite a few brands that we have tied up with to promote the film and they have started their own advertisements. Since the film has a lot of songs and dance, we wanted to be doubly sure that that all of this is presented to the audiences in well designed promos,'' Kapur said.

    Shahid also underlined the need to educate the audiences in advance before the release of the flick to mentally prepare them what kind of film they would be going to watch in the theatres.

    For Shahid, 'Chance Pe Dance' comes close on heels of box office acclaim and critical appreciation for his intense portrayal in Vishal Bhardwaj's 'Kaminey'.

    For Genelia D'souza, who plays the character of a choreographer in the film, 'Chance Pe Dance' comes after the success of 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' and above average response to 'Life Partner'.

    Incidentally, 'Chance Pe dance' is Shahid's third film with Ken Ghosh after 'Ishq Vishk' and 'Fida'.


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