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Thread: Is Celina gay?

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    Default Is Celina gay?

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    Her inbox has been bombarded with hate mails from across the country for her association with gay magazine Bombay Dost, but that hasnít stopped Celina Jaitley from championing a cause thatís close to her heart.

    ďItís made me more devoted to the cause. Iíll be even more aggressive in my campaign now,Ē says the actress.
    Was she prepared for the consequences when she took up the initiative? ďIíve always championed gay and transgender rights since I entered modelling at 16. Today, if my association with the gay community is drawing so much attention, itís only because Iím a star. I will not rest until Article 377, which looks down upon homsexuality, is amended,Ē asserts Celina.

    Whatís her response to allegations that she is homosexual
    ? ďIím not here to explain my sexual orientation. If I have to explain such things, my cause loses relevance,Ē points out Celina.

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    Thanks !!!
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    haila she aint sure



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