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    Default Celebrity in the Spotlight: Emraan Hashmi

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    Keeping this month's hot theme in mind, this time the Celebrity in the Spotlight is none other than Emraan Hashmi. Bollywood's official 'Serial Kisser', he definitely knows how to heat up the screens!

    This talented lad was born on March 24, 1979 in Mumbai to parents Anwar and Mahera Hashmi. He hails from a particularly connected family in Bollywood. Ace producers Mahesh and Mukhesh Bhatt are his uncles and his cousins include actress turned director Pooja Bhatt and director Mohit Suri. Having been born into such a filmy family, it was only a matter of time before he joined Bollywood. His first foray into the industry was as a assistant director in his uncles' movie Raaz in 2002. The very next year he debuted in Footpath, which failed to impress both critically and commercially.

    In 2004, he starred in another one of his uncles' film, Murder, which made him and co-star Mallika Sherawat a household name! There has been no looking back since then and Emraan has given numerous hits and hours of entertainment to his fans. He had a bit of a slump in the following years but still managed to provide box office successes such as Gangster (2006), Jannat (2008) and Raaz - The Mystery Continues (2009). It was during these years that he came to be known as Bollywood's 'Serial Kisser' due to his numerous erotic scenes in various movies. Since then, even though he has done numerous critically acclaimed roles, his image as the sex symbol seems to have stuck.

    Since 2010, Emraan has been doing particularly well and even critics seem to be noticing. His negative role in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai (2010) garnered him a lot of critical acclaim on top of being a box office hit. He had two back to back hits in Murder 2 and The Dirty Picture last year and another third hit earlier this year in the form of Jannat 2. His latest venture Shanghai failed to give him another hit to his name, but his performance was much appreciated by critics and fans alike. He is currently working on numerous movies including Raaz 3D, Ghanchakkar, Ek Tha Dyaan and upcoming ventures by Rensil D'Silva's and Dharma Productions. Even though he has provided more hits than misses in his career, the poor lad has not received even a single award. Probably the most underrated actor in the industry, Emraan has only been nominated for awards twice, both times by Filmfare.

    Even though he plays 'bad boy' roles and has the label of the 'serial kisser', his personal life is quite tame. The actor has never been linked up with any of his co-stars or anyone else either! In fact, he is happily married to his long-time, girlfriend Parveen Shahani since 2006. They even had a baby boy named Ayaan in 2010 and from what we here, Mr. Hashmi is the perfect husband and father! We sure wish this multi-faceted talented actor all the very best

    Did you know:

    * His middle name is Anwar.
    * He briefly changed his first name to Farhan before he entered Bollywood, but changed his mind and kept his original name
    * His wife Parveen has no connections with Bollywood and is actually a pre-school teacher by profession.
    * He has helped launch numerous Bollywood ladies including Kangana Ranaut, Sonal Chauhan, and Tanushree Dutta.



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