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    Default CBFC refuses to certify Jism 2

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    When you are making a bold film like Jism 2 which marks the debut of adult star Sunny Leone, you are bound to have some issues with the Censor Board. The same happened with director of the film Pooja Bhatt when she showed the film to the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) yesterday evening.

    The CBFC saw Jism 2 and found the film too bold to even give an A certificate in its current form and asked Pooja Bhatt to dilute the love-making scenes by at least 50% and come back for a review. The CBFC felt that the love-making scenes featuring Sunny Leone were too long and couldn't be cleared even with an A certificate. There are apparently four such scenes in the film.

    Pooja, who is left with no choice, now plans to introduce close-ups wherever wide angles have been used in the scenes in question and then submit the film again to the CBFC.



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