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    Default Catch the Pradeep Sharma-Vijay Salaskar undercurrent in 'Maximum'

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    Those who have closely followed the underworld and Mumbai Police will not be stunned to find the most talked about rift between the two powerful cops portrayed in reel.

    The most told, undercurrent stories between two cops Pradeep Sharma and late Vijay Salaskar have inspired Kabeer Kaushik's film 'Maximum'.

    A former senior IPS officer, who saw the screening of Maximum, reveals that the film has a lot to do with Sharma and Salaskar power and number game.

    The retired cop reveals, "The characters supporting the main lead (Sonu Sood) too are a replica of Pradeep Sharma's team with identical names and references."

    He added, "It was sheer number game, who bumped the maximum gangsters and who won recognition for it. Though on face, the two cops were cordial, the undercurrent was visible. Intruding one's source and informer's nexus was their forte."

    While Naseerudin Shah gets into the skin of the character inspired by Salaskar. Sonu Sood stuns all with his portrayal as Sharma.

    The former cop elaborated, "I thought as if Sharma played himself in the film, the actor (Sonu) has brilliantly adopted the body language with the shrewd and cunning antics of the former encounter specialist."

    While Salaskar succumbed to his injures fighting the 26/11 terror attack bravely. Sharma is cooling his heals inside the Nasik jail since 2010 in a fake encounter case.
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