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    Default Few care about independent movies: Argentine filmmaker

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    Though theatres in Argentina have refused to screen his low-budget film on a factory worker trying to start a gym through crime, Gustavo Fernandez Trivino was able to show his first film at the 14th edition of the Mumbai Film Festival -- amid cries, laughter and appreciation.

    Titled "From Tuesday to Tuesday", screened at the festival Saturday, revolved around Juan Benitez, a body-builder and poor factory worker, who dreams of opening his gym but does not have the money. One day, he witnesses a crime and uses it as an opportunity to raise money.

    And like the protagonist, Argentina's Gustavo Fernandez Trivino too had to wait for 16 years to make the film and that too after he won some money in a scriptwriting contest.

    "It is tough to find a place for a low-budget film. Independent movies do not fit in Argentina. Only American movies work there," Gustavo said.

    "If I release my film, and if a reporter files a bad review, it will be out. It's a business for them. They don't care about independent movies. But for me, it is important," Fernandez told us.

    He said that on leaving film school 16 years ago, he wanted to be a director.

    "I was carrying my script, but no one cared. I worked as a cameraman and assistant director. And one day, I sent my script to a contest and it won. I got the money to fund my movie. After 16 years, this was amazing!" he said.

    Gustavo said his technician friends in the industry pitched in for the film.
    He said he had last screened the film at a festival in France. Then he came to Mumbai.
    He said coming to festivals was important to him.

    "The movie is shown to people and it gains prestige. The only thing I can show is Argentine culture. It is like an ambassador," Gustavo said.

    "This was the second time I saw the film with people and it was nice to see that they loved it. They laughed, they were angry and then laughed again during the film," he said.

    Gustavo is working on two more scripts.



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