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    Default Want to buy Salman Khan's car?

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    Salman Khan is known for luxurious lifestyle and his love for machines, especially cars. The actor, who apparently owns quite a fleet there, which includes- four BMWs, a Lexus, a Mercedes-Benz, and an Audi A8 is set to bid goodbye to one of his most loved cars- a Toyota Land Cruiser.

    According to reports, Salman has moved an application before the metropolitan magistrate’s court in or der to seek permission to sell his beloved Toyota Land Cruiser. Incidentally, the car in question is the same that crashed into a Bandra pavement in September 2002, leaving one pavement dweller dead, while injuring four others. Post the incident, the magistrate had framed serious charges against Khan. The actor had however, claimed that it was just an accident, with no intention to kill anyone.

    Buzz has it that the actor wants to get rid of the car since it's getting old and also, he doesn't want to keep the memories of the bitter accident that left him in a legal tussle.

    Now, since the car is not required for the trial, the actor is wanting to sell it at the earliest and hence the application.

    Well, with Salman wanting to sell this beauty at any cost, guess it's time for all you car-lovers to bid for this machine owned by your favourite star!
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    Default Salman Khan wants to sell his Land Cruiser

    Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan, who is well known for his arrogant attitude and stylish accessories, wants to sell one of his fast and furious cars named Toyota Land Cruiser, the car which was struck into a Bandra footpath in September 2002 and left one person dead while other fours injured.

    The "Dabangg" Khan has smart collection of luxury cars like he has four BMWs, a Lexus, a Mercedes-Benz, and an Audi A8. From the sources, the actor wants to sold Land Cruiser as it reminds him about that accident which had been remained a once time headache for him.

    As to get rid of it soon, Salman has been registered an application before the metropolitan magistrate’s court in order to seek permission to sell his beloved Toyota Land Cruiser as the car has been cleared all its legal trials and is of no more use for the actor.

    Before it, Salman is also facing legal ailments from Jaipur High Court since he hunted an extinct Black Deer during the shot of his family drama flick ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

    Ok, Salman as you want to sell your beauty one there is also no lack of your fans who could do anything to have your sharings.

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    thx for the news

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