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    Default Buddhadeb scripts new 'kissa' with Nawaz

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    KOLKATA: His films, which portray the stark social and economic realities of India, are the toast of international festivals. Now, National Award-winning director BuddhadebDasgupta is ready to shoot a Hindi film with the posterboy of parallel cinema - NawazuddinSiddiqui.

    Dasgupta's new project, titled Anwar Ka Ajab Kissa, is his fourth film in Hindi. He's earlier made Andhi Gali, Woh and the much-celebrated Bagh Bahadur. "I had originally wanted to make it in Bengali, titled Anwar Er Aschorjo Kahini. Once I decided on Hindi, I immediately thought of Nawazuddin. I'm impressed with his films and thought he would be able to do justice to Anwar, a middle-class Muslim man, who works as a small-time detective. He handles trivial cases like looking up the background of a possible groom or why a person has suddenly gone missing," says Dasgupta. Rudranil Ghosh and Indraneil Sengupta were also considered for the role.

    The film will go on the floors on March 25. Before that, Nawazuddin is expected to be in Kolkata from March 4 for a week-long workshop. For the shooting, Dasgupta will head to Simultala, which he calls his 'New Purulia'. "After I explored Purulia in films, every second film unit goes there. The film will be shot in both Bihar and Bengal," says Dasgupta, who doesn't think the language of a film is any barrier. "If a film is good, it's bound to receive the same response in India and abroad. What it can limit is only the number of commercial releases across the country."

    So, why not a superstar? The director reasons, "While there's a certain degree of happiness that shows up in the faces of Dev and Jeet, Prosenjit wouldn't have fit the age group of Anwar." While on Prosenjit, he narrates an anecdote. "For Uttara, both Bumba (Prosenjit) and Tapas Paul had come to meet me. I was equally happy with both. But the character could wear nothing but a red loincloth. After Bumba left my office, I did not meet him for long. He, however, was brilliant in Swapner Din," the director recalls.

    So, what does he look for in his cast? "Dedication," says Dasgupta, adding, "When I worked with Mithun Chakraborty in Tahader Katha, he was already a superstar. But he put in more effort than I did. Yogita (Bali) had come down for the shoot once. She told me that she couldn't sleep next to Mithun as the actor would wear the same shirt for days and sport his unbathed, unshaven look. 'He stinks', she had complained, while Mithun had asked her to look for a better place to sleep! With Nawazuddin, I demand the same level of dedication and he has agreed. He was great in Kahaani and though I didn't like Gangs of Wasseypur, Nawazuddin was a showstealer. After Talaash, he is already a star."

    Before shooting begins, Dasgupta has yet another project to execute - daughter Alokananda's wedding. "She is getting married to an American - Craig - on February 19. He is a musician/ journalist and is currently looking for a job to settle down in Mumbai. Alokananda will be doing the music for my film, while Sohini Dasgupta will be assisting me," he says. Anwar Ka Ajab Kissa will be produced by Delhi-based Leo Films.



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