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    Default From Break-up to Patch-up! - Ram Gopal Verma and Amitabh Bachchan

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    We all thought Ram Gopal Varma was done with the Bachchan family, on screen. After Sarkar 2, there was a fair amount of tension brewing between the Bachchans and RGV. Now, Ramu says that he is actually done with the Sarkar family, not the Bachchans. Thatís why, it seems, Sarkar 3 was shelved. Ah well, allís well that ends wellÖ Itís evident that if friendships are fickle in Bollywood, so are fall-outs.

    To prove that all is now well, Amitabh Bachchan is set to do yet another film with Ramu.

    Ramu who is at the moment poised to release his next film another shiver-giver Agyaat and also putting finishing touches to his film on the electronic media Rann, will now do a take on the loopholes in the judicial system, in which Bachchan will play a judge.

    Yet untitled, the film is inspired by the rather curious run-ins Ramu has had with the judiciary where he was questioned about his own version of the national anthem in Rann.

    Says Ramu, ďWeíre starting a new film together in January 2010, about the judicial system. Mr Bachchan plays a judge.Ē Itís a first for the Big B who has played everything from a cop to a mafioso in his career, but never a judge.

    First things first, wasnít there a fall-out between the Bachchans and Ram Gopal Varma and wasnít he recently quoted as saying that his screen relationship with the Bachchan family is over? Replies Ramu, ďI never said that. Whether itís the Bachchans or Nitin Reddy whom I have brought from Kannada cinema to Hindi films for Agyaat, Iíll always work with actors I think to be suitable for my films. Whether they want to work with me or not, is entirely up to them. Iíve never said my screen relationship with the Bachchans is over.Ē

    So why was Sarkar 3 shelved? ďThere never was a Sarkar 3! Iím done with the Sarkar family, and thatís what I said,Ē says Ramu. ďI never said I was done with the Bachchan family. Iím doing another film with Mr Bachchan in January not because I want do another film with him, but because he suits the character in my film perfectly. Iíve never worked with stars, only with actors.Ē

    Ramu will himself produce the new film with Amitabh Bachchan.

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