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    Default Nobody can break my marriage with Hrithik

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    Sussanne Roshan emphatically denies rumours of a split with Hrithik

    By Vickey Lalwani
    Posted On Wednesday, April 08, 2009 at 03:03:08 AM

    Barbara Mori
    Hrithik Roshan wed longtime sweetheart Sussanne Khan on December 20, 2000. Over the years, Hrithik and Sussanne were the quintessential happily married couple who always were seen together and never shied away from PDA. Even after Hrithik became one of the hottest stars and worked with some of the most beautiful actresses, his marriage with Sussanne was rock solid. But lately, there have been rumours that all is not well between the two. Many blame it on Hrithik's proximity with Latino actress Barbara Mori, his co-star in his home production, Kites. After yesterday's story in a section of the media saying that Hrithik and Sussanne have split, the usually reticent Sussanne decided to speak up for herself and her family to squash the rumours…

    • Have you and Hrithik split?

    Rubbish. Everything is fine. But yes, Hrithik and I are very upset with the story of our so-called split. Nobody can break my marriage with Hrithik. We are together. Our relationship is very strong. • You and your children are staying at your parents' (Sanjay and Zarine Khan) house?

    That's right. But I am not alone. Hrithik is with me. He came from Cape Town last night and stayed with me. I fail to understand why so much crap is being circulated about us. Somebody is trying to put Hrithik down.
    • How have your parents taken this?

    They are not going to be affected by cheap stunts. I think some enemy is trying to break my relationship with Hrithik. They want to scar the family that's never been scarred (pauses). But this happens doesn't it? Every actor faces this problem.Such rumours are part of the industry.
    • Why are you staying at your parents' house since the past few days?

    We have a termite problem on our floor (10th Floor in Palazzio). We had been planning to do some renovation since a long time. Initially, we had planned to shift to the JW Marriott until the work was over. But after 26/11, we temporarily put on hold the idea of shifting. Now that the renovation has started, I am staying at my parents' house.
    • But rumours about Hrithik and Barbara's affair have been only getting stronger.

    So? Barbara has come home so often. Hrithik, she and I have gone out together. We are friends.
    • It is said that Hrithik and Barbara went to Amby Valley together?

    • Did you question Hrithik about it?

    There is nothing to ask Hrithik about. I know for a fact that there is no truth in this.
    • How is Hrithik as a husband?

    He is an amazing human being. He and I share a very beautiful and strong relationship.

    • Are you in touch with Barbara Mori after she left India?

    Of course, we are in touch with Barbara. She is a part of our forthcoming film (Kites) and she is also a family friend.

    • Has Barbara called you or Hrithik after the news about your so-called split?

    No, but we are going to call her. I guess we'll have a good laugh over it.
    • How is your interior designing work progressing?

    That too is going fine. I am going to do up Shilpa Shetty’s (Ruia Park) house. And I have one more project at hand - my two lovely kids, Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

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