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    Default Bradley Cooper's Ganpati Bappa Mourya sequence in Silver Linings Playbook; Kabaddi sequence also inc

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    American heart-throb Bradley Cooper of Hangover fame has done a very interesting made-only-for-India sequence in his latest much-lauded film Silver Linings Playbook, especially for Indian audience. It’s a sequence wherein Bradley playing a lately-institutionalized guy trying to rehabilitate himself into normal family life, needed to express his rapturous sense of happiness.

    To articulate his feeling of gratitude and joy at the gift of life Cooper, who plays an American character not even remotely related to India or Hinduism, exclaims, ‘Ganpati Bappa Mourya’!

    The moment has been edited out of the film for global audiences, but would now be restored for its Indian release.

    A source from the film’s crew who wishes to remain unnamed spoke from the US on this curious case of the missing elephant God’s mention in the film.

    Says the source, “Yeah, there is a scene where Brad curiously enough did an exclamation in praise of India’s elephant God. Apparently this God is a much-revered deity especially in Maharashtra and Mumbai. Brad knew nothing about Lord Ganpati or …how do they say it?...Ganpati Bappa Mourya. But when David (director David Russell) was shooting that scene where Brad was filled with happiness about life, David didn’t want to do it the normal way with, you know, ‘Oh, my God!’ or ‘Oh, Sweet Jesus’ or whatever. He wanted Brad’s ecstatic moment to be different. So we all turned to Anupam Kher and asked him, ‘How do you do this in India? How do you say ‘Thank God’ in your country?’ Anupam suggested ‘Ganpati Bappa Mourya’. And that’s how Brad ended up expressing happiness the Indian way.”

    The sequence has been edited out of the film. But will now be restored specially for the Indian release.

    Says the source, “It made no sense for the American/European audience. They wouldn’t get the context since Brad’s character has no Indian cultural or religious background. So David Russell thought it best to remove it.”

    When one asked Anupam to confirm he told us, “Yes, it is true. Bradley Cooper who is a huge pin-up star said ‘Ganpatti Bappa Mourya’on my suggestion. It was very proud moment for me. But the scene was edited out of the film. Now I am told by the producers it will be restored in the film only for the Indian market. Isn’t it a coincidence that you’re asking me about this scene when Ganesh Chaturthi is on?”

    The spirited ‘Ganpati Bappa Mourya’ is not the only Indian contribution in Silver Linings Playbook. Apparently Anupam also insisted on including a game of kabaddi in the film.

    Laughingly Anupam recounted, “Yes I needed to be part of a sports sequence. They suggested tailgating or soccer. I gently pointed out to them that Indians don’t indulge in these sports. I suggested kabaddi instead. And they were game. So you’ll see a sequence of Kabaddi featuring me and the rest of the American cast. I am glad to be taking Indian culture to world cinema.”



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