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    Default Boman's family crazy about cars

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    Actor Boman Irani, who featured in "Ferrari Ki Sawaari", says all his family members are crazy about cars, but he is the one who takes the final call when it comes to choosing one for them.
    "My family is full of car lovers, from my two sons, my nephew, my brother-in-law and few friends. I am the last in the list but I am the one who takes the decision finally," the 52-year-old said here Thursday at the Auto Car Show.
    "They only make castles in the air and make dreams that we should buy this one or we should buy that one. In the end, what I say prevails because I pay for it," he added.
    Meanwhile, Boman revealed that during the shoot of "Ferrari Ki Sawaari", he got very attached to the red Ferrari.
    "I do love cars. In fact, I got very attached to a fast car in a film but, unfortunately, we had to give it back. I understand why people are so fascinated about cars. It is a reflection of your personality at the end of the day, what you think, how you behave, how you want to look," Boman said.
    Boman also has a word of advice for the youth.
    "Having said all that, I would like to get preachy here! All the young people, don't drink and drive. Make sure the car only extends your personality, not end it," he said.



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