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    Default Bollywood seeks to revive raw Indian music

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    It's hard to remember the last time a Hindi film song resonated to the clear sound of a harmonium or a flute, thanks to the introduction of technologically advanced synthesisers and other recording equipment. But many composers are now striving to bring back the lost charm of raw Indian music.
    Composers like Sneha Khanwalkar and Ajay-Atul or Indian Ocean's vocalist Rahul Ram have experimented by bringing back the rawness in their music and have succeeded in striking the right chords with youth, without adopting western tunes.
    Khanwalkar is the woman behind the distinct music in Anurag Kashyap's "Gangs of Wasseypur". Her songs "I am a hunter", "Womaniya" and "Chhi chha ledar" have a blend of rustic beats, with local folk singers adding up to the regional flavour. The music is desi to its core.
    She believes in spending time with the artists and using their true talent.
    "If a song is based in one place, that place has its own quality. People have their own of way of thinking and talking, which is different from how we think in the city. So it is important to know how they sing and render their music," Khanwalkar told IANS.
    "It is only after you know the place that you will be able to imbibe its quality in the song. If the director of the film is going all out to depict something skilfully, then I just try to do the same thing with the music of the film," she added, pointing out to Kashyap's knack of bringing the real as is on reel.
    Ajay-Atul, who composed music for Karan Johar's remake of "Agneepath", tried to retain the charm of raw music with compositions like "Chikni chameli" and "Gun gun guna". They recorded the songs with live instruments. "Chikni chameli" is the Hindi version of their Marathi hit "Kombadi palali".
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