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    Default Bollywood hotties enjoy rain

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    The Rainy Season is back after a very hot Summer season, and our Bollywood hotties are loving every drop of it.Read to know:

    Dia Mirza: Watching the world go by from my window, or sometimes getting drenched and coming back home to find hot tea and bhajiyas waiting. Pure bliss!

    Bipasha Basu: For me, the rains are a relief from the unbearable heat! I also think about the farmers whose lives depend on the rains.

    Vidya Balan:The rains mean eternal romance to me Raj Kapoor and Nargis under an umbrella. I always think about a roadside dhaba, steam coming out of hot chai and holding hands with your beloved.

    Shilpa Shetty:I look forward to the smell of soil after the first rains, but apart from that it now means potholes, bad roads and worse traffic jams.

    Amrita Rao:The rains bring about a sense of belonging. It means earthy scents, long drives and gusty winds.

    Minissha Lamba:The washing away of heat and dust, fresh beginnings, a nice hot cuppa adrak ki chai.

    Mugdha Godse:Getting drenched on long walks, playing badminton or football, basically being wet n wild!

    So do you love or hate rains?

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