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    Default Bollywood denounces Ragging

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    HOSTEL is a story inspired by true life events of various boys’ hostels especially Aman Kachroo who had died a year back. HOSTEL is a film about a student played by Vatsal Sheth who enters a notorious hostel and is ragged by his seniors. It’s not just about one incident but a string of incidents and is a hard-hitting reality-action film. It shows how students are tortured and harassed in the name of ragging.

    ‘Ragging’ is a sadistic practice that has become a ritual in most of the Indian hostels. Sadly, the students who are a victim of ragging – in turn vent their frustrations by ragging their juniors in the following years. Thus, this cruel practice continues year after year and has claimed (and is still claiming) the lives and careers of innumerable students. The film HOSTEL is a shocking eye-opener about this evil practice and is a wake-up call for all of us.

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