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    Default Bollywood Box Office: Minimum impact!

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    Making a film with honest intent is of paramount significance. Ensuring that the film gets the best release is imperative as well. The appropriate release date, the suitable chain of theatres, the apt show timings, the correct promotions... All aspects concerning the release of a film have to be looked into.

    Prior to the release of MAXIMUM, I distinctly recall forewarning Sonu Sood, its lead man, the clash with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN would cost the film dear. But, I guess, the producers had their reasons of choosing the date in question [29 June]. I presume, the lack of a major Hindi release on that particular Friday must've prompted its makers to settle for that date. That, in my individualistic opinion, was a mistake.

    Not only did THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN walk away with the extra attention from exhibitors [more screens, better shows], Spidey also grabbed a substantially bigger pie of market share this weekend. It eclipsed all films, past and current, and emerged the biggest Hollywood opener in India. In fact, the opening weekend biz is better than most Hindi films as well, which didn't come as a surprise to many.

    Had MAXIMUM not clashed with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, the results would've been marginally better. One of the reasons that went against MAXIMUM is its weak script. FERRARI KI SAWAARI and GANGS OF WASSEYPUR didn't boast of major stars either, but these films had strong merits to pick up with word of mouth. Which MAXIMUM lacked. Also, I guess, a beaten to death genre kept a sizeable chunk of the movie-going audience away.

    With BOL BACHCHAN arriving next Friday, there's minimal hope for MAXIMUM at the BO.

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