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    Default BODYGUARD breaks all record: Emerges as one of the biggest money making films in hindi cinema histor

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    BODYGUARD breaks all record: Emerges as one of the biggest money making films in hindi cinema history

    A comment was posted by one of the fans of Salman Khan with relation to BODYGUARD that over the last three Eids Salman Khan has moved down further in the roles of police officers that he has played in the films which have created box office history. He was a Police Commissioner in WANTED, a Police Inspector in DABANGG and now a Bodyguard in BODYGUARD, so in a matter of three Eids' he has pushed down the pedestal in the police hierarchy. But the person who may have made the comment in jest forgot the fact that as Salman Khan moved closer to the common man, i.e. choosing the role of police personnel who has a daily interface with the common man, his quotient of success has increased in quadratic proportions.

    BODYGUARD srills

    So when he became a DABANGG police inspector, one of the most visible police face in a city or a village for the common man, he made box office his slave, but as he became the BODYGUARD, the most visible form of authority that the common man interacts and observes day-in and day-out, a persona that is revered by the common man, so has he gained further in his stature at the box office as well. The collections of 20 crore that BODYGUARD has reported over last two days has not been an outcome of multiplex footfall, but is a result that has been obtained from the small and mofussil towns in the country side. It is the common man, who being in awe of the personalities like a police Inspector or a BODYGUARD, and not being able to get an opportunity to interact with him as much as he would like to, tries to develop a surreal relationship through the medium of cinema as he did for DABANGG and now for BODYGUARD. After all, every common man aspires to be in close contact with the powers, and a cinematic gives him an idea to use it as a veritable tool to interact with the power holders in the real life, as it happens in most of the cases when such movies release, SINGHAM is the latest example of such kind.

    BODYGUARD has also created another history in the cinematic history of being released on a Wednesday instead of a Friday, so on the one hand, if one were to interpret it from a religious perspective, the opening day brought the Eid fans, but the next day being the beginning of the Ganpati festival, it is bringing the followers of Ganpati to BODYGUARD in a big way. Success of BODYGUARD has once again underlined the fact that if one talks about secularism, then nothing can beat the cinema industry which is indeed the most secular body in the country. BODYGUARD's success has given a new lease of life to the cinematic career of Atul Agnihotri as a man of production as DABANGG had done it for Arbaaz Khan. It would indeed be a big challenge for RA.ONE to break this record when it releases on Diwali eve.

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