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    Default When 'Bittoo' almost lost out on being 'boss'

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    Though newcomer Pulkit Samrat a.k.a. 'Bittoo Boss' seems to be the darling of his makers who are putting money on him, not many are aware that the beginning wasn't as rosy for him during the audition stage. Apparently there were quite a few frontiers that he had to cross before being finalised for the part of the much coveted title role.

    "Ironically he did very well in the first audition. It is just that he turned slightly shaky in the second audition," reveals a source attached to the film, "As the characterisation was further explained to him, he was slightly apprehensive about how he would approach the part. This is when director Babul had further conversations with him about the role. He was a little stiff and Babul wanted him to further open up."

    Excusing himself for a while, Pulkit stepped aside from the audition, only to return and share the parts that were bothering him. Since in real life he isn't as extrovert as Bittoo, Pulkit had to do some more home work before readying himself for the part.

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