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    Default Everybody has a bit of grey in their personalities: Jimmy Shergill

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    Jimmy Shergill, who had made his debut with Machis, has come a long way. A very fine artiste and performer, he is a well sought after actor of today. His next film to release is the Ashok Kohli directed socio-political drama Rajdhani Express- Point Blank Justice. It releases on 4 January 2013. Currently shooting in far away Chambal, he spoke to us in a candid interview.

    What is your perception of the story of Rajdhani Express?
    (smiles) I met Ashok ji when he narrated the script of Rajdhani Express to me. Later, when I read the bound script that he gave me; I really liked it. I found it very intriguing and quite fit for today’s scenario in the country. And after I gave my nod, he told me about the the character he wanted me to play. It must have been in the back of his mind that I had played a cop in A Wednesday also. My only request was that he should shoot with me at one go. He agreed to it and wrapped up my portion in 15-16 days.

    What is your role in this film?
    In the film, I play Deputy Commissioner Yadav. In one of the dialogues, the Commissioner does say that he has been invested with the power to control crime and negative situations and if he has to twist law a little to achieve that, he will do it. He is nice but ruthless no-nonsense officer. In, command because of his position. He is well respected by sub-ordinates, feared by criminal and he believes in instant justice

    How would you differentiate your character of a cop in this film from the that you played in A Wednesday?
    In A Wednesday, I was following orders of my superiors and I hardly had any dialogues and was following orders of my superiors. I emoted mostly through my eyes, expressions and body language. In Rajdhani Express, I have plentiful of strong dialogues and make my own decisions. In both the films, the character of the cops I play a strong and aggressive person.

    According to the director, your character is that of an antagonist of the film? Is it not the first time that you are doing a role with grey shades. Why?
    Isn’t there an antagonist in all of us at some point of life? I think, if you look at the film, most of the actors are humans and have shades of grey. Even in their dialogues, it is evident. You can see a lot of grey characters in the political scenario. Yadav is put in a place where he has to handle the situation and that is what he does.

    Tell us about your working experience with Leander Paes?
    My track, in the film, is completely different but I met him couple of times; he is a sweet guy. Since, it is his first film, I am sure he must have done a great job. Most importantly, the fact is that it is a good script. It has a dark humor in it. It has everything that is shown to you in reality.

    How was it working with your director Ashok Kohli?
    (pauses) Very nice, he is very chilled out person. He is very much in control of the situation and is always in sync with the film, story and his actors. He would discuss the scene before the shoot and was always open to suggestions, which is great. Once we started the shoot, we finished it quickly because everything was so clearly worked out before hand. Work happened pretty fast.

    Any interesting incident that happened during the shoot?
    My role was shot indoors in the railway control room where my character Yadav is trying to take hold of the situation. The control room was made next to Marine Lines station. And it was made in such a way that we could see trains passing by, it was very strategically designed. It was fun, understanding all the gadgets etc.

    Your perception of the common man?
    Common man is stuck in a vicious circle. If you want to bring any change in this country then all us need to go ahead and vote. Use the power that you have and that is your first right as a common man.You must exercise this.

    Which are your coming projects?
    Neeraj Pandey’s Special Chabbis that is to release in February next year and Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster Returns that is set to release in March. Then, currently I am shooting for Bullet Raja that is again being directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. The other is a Punjabi film Rangeeley with Neha Dhupia that is my production.



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