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    Default Why Bipasha keeps a hammer in her bag !!!

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    On her new show ‘Tere Mere Beach Mai’ Farah Khan gets the bong beauty, Bipasha Basu to disclose her security measures during her struggling days in Mumbai.

    The very sexy Bollywood actress revealed that she always use to carry a Hatoda (hammer) for self defence in her earlier days in the city of dreams Mumbai. She very openly answered to the questions shot by host Farah Khan.

    When Farah questioned her whether she has ever carried a weapon to protect her, Bips replied, “I used to carry a huge bag in which there was a pillow and a hammer.

    After late night rehearsals and fashion shows, I would tell the taxi driver to drop me at my paying guest accommodation at Bandra. I’m geographically challenged.

    I don’t have a very good road sense so I’d get into the cab; take out my pillow and go to sleep. And thankfully, I never got a chance to use the hatoda.”

    Farah being a little mischievous host retorted, “How sad. Achha agar hypotheticaly tumhe hathoda kissi pe maarna hota, to tum kahan pe maarti use? To which witty damsel Bips playfully replied “upar aur neechey”.
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