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    Default Bipasha Basu's Hollywood boyfriend

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    Bipasha Basu has earned more than just big bucks and universal recognition while working in her debut Hollywood project. Reportedly, she has had a romantic liaison with her co-star Josh Hartnett, which she somehow managed to hide from the always-on-prowl international media. But the actress has confessed herself now that she shares a ‘close’ bond with Hartnett. Too close to be a mere friend, we presume.

    Sources from the sets claim that the duo was virtually inseparable at times, so fond of each other they were. Coffee, dinner outings were regular, they just wanted to spend quality time with each other, alone. It comes as no surprise though since Bipasha had a very public break-up after a longer-than-eternity relationship; she did a need a shoulder to cry on and carry her shopping bags, just maybe Hartnett’s muscular ones have been preferred by the Bengali bombshell. Bipasha, though, has been reported to have said that she is ‘very close’ friends with Hartnett, but contradicts herself by saying that she cannot even think of dating anyone right now coz she is still busy with nursing her wounds from the past.

    Well, it’s not the first time somebody has tried to proclaim a ‘just friends’ equation. We know what to make out of this.
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