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    Thumbs up Why did Bipasha Basu refuse to work with Emraan Hashmi?

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    Now pairing up with the serial kisser of B-town for the new Raaz 3, some years ago the Bong bombshell turned down the offer to work with the Jannat actor. No, it had nothing to do with the ‘kissathon’ Emraan is notorious for!

    Though the prospect of kissing her male co-actor for a film gives Bipasha Basu nervous jitters, a possible lip-lock was not the reason why the gal refused to work with Emraan Hashmi some years ago. The dusky bombshell was skeptical of being paired with Emraan for Raaz 3 and if you ask her why, Bipasha doesn’t mince words. “I did not refuse to work with Emraan. It is just that I couldn’t work with him earlier. He was really young and I saw him when he was 18, as an assistant director on Raaz. When we were approached for a film, I looked way older than him because of my weight,” said Bips in an interview with a daily. There are many leading ladies who are a bit hesitant to work with the Serial Kisser thanks to his his lip-locking reputation. Even Mallika Sherawat, who went on a kissing spree with Emraan in Murder, said recently that she would rather kiss a snake than smooch with Emraan again. But Bipasha claims she had her valid reasons and felt that Emraan would have looked juvenile had he been paired with her earlier.

    So what has suddenly changed now for Bips to change her mind? Has Emraan suddenly grown a few inches taller? Has he started looking more mature, with his facial fuzz and bulked up muscles? Or has he become a hot draw at the BO, something that no actor with a need for a hit film will think of avoiding? “I also have to be convinced that I should look good with whoever I am paired up with on-screen. Today I look younger than I looked then,” said the babe, showcasing her seemingly reversed age cycle instead of complementing her Raaz 3 co-star for his growing ‘maturity’. Bipasha, we think, is not only getting younger with every passing birthday, but also getting brainy as she grows up.



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