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    Default Does Bipasha Basu’s character in Raaz3 resemble Ameesha Patel’s life?

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    In Raaz3, Bipasha Basu plays a frustrated jealous actress. Apparently the role is inspired by Vikram Bhatt’s ex lover, Ameesha Patel.

    Vikram who is the director of the film says, “Well, all I can say is, all art is finally cannibalised from one’s personal experiences. When I was with Ameesha, both of us were going through a career low. I’ve seen how failure affects people.”

    Producer of the film, Mahesh Bhatt also admits to the similarity. “Vikram shared details of his tumultuous relationship with this Ameesha. Insecurities are an integral part of an actress’ life, as her shelf life is limited. We built on that idea to create Bipasha’s character in Raaz 3.”

    When Vikram was asked weather the actress was Ameesha, he agreed and said, “We took the basic idea of the insecurities that creep up on an actress after a few years in the business, and then we built on her desperation. The film shows the character urging her director (Emraan Hashmi) into wrong-doings. In her desperation to cling to her stardom she begins to workship a satan and practices black magic on her younger rival.”

    Mahesh Bhatt said, Bipasha in her own carrier has reached a do or die situation, “Younger girls have come into the industry and she has suffered a broken heart recently. Given the circumstances, she will either sink like a rock or fly like a bird.”

    When Ameesha was asked about how she felt when she came to know about her life used to being developed as a character, she said, “Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I do not want to comment. I’ve too much on my plate with my own productions and the films that I’ve signed outside my production house. I would rather focus on them.”
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