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    Default Bhavna Talwar gets into the forbidden areas of the Vatican

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    The director of the award-winning film Dharm on religious secularism is now on to a film on a much larger religious theme. Bhavna along with Italian filmmaker Franco la Cecla have been assigned by the Vatican the task of making a film on the one-ness of different religious orders all over the world.
    Bhavnas film in collaboration with la Cecla would be released in 2013 which has been declared The Year Of The Faith.

    In this connection Bhavna visited Vatican City on 16 July and was taken into restricted areas of the city where women are not allowed.

    Says Bhavna, It was surreal, standing there in areas where women are never to be seen. Even in the areas of Vatican City where there is no such restriction we were shown around after the place was closed to the public. So there I was, standing in unalloyed isolation looking at the most magnificent architecture ever built.



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