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    Default Bhatt hails 'Mango Girls' for focusing on rural women

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    Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt praises Kunal Sharma and Robert Carr's documentary − "Mango Girls" for highlighting the plight of women in rural India.
    "Robert Carr and Kunal Sharma, who have made this film together need to be applauded for spotlighting the sad plight of women in rural India," Bhatt tweeted Thursday.
    The documentary talks about a small village in Bihar called Dharhara where the residents have found a unique way to deal with the dowry death problem.
    They plant at least 10 mango trees when a baby girl is born. Once the trees start giving fruits, they sell the mangoes and save the money for the girl's wedding.
    The film shows Bhatt, actress Pooja Bedi and activist Kiran Bedi sharing their views on the empowerment of rural women in the country.



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