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    Default Bhandarkar's Jail runs into controversy

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    CONTROVERSY'S CHILD: Madhur Bhandarkar has rubbished Rajan Sharma's claims.

    Madhur Bhandarkar continues to be controversy's favourite child. Small time producer Rajan Sharma had claimed that the filmmaker had committed to make Jail in 2004 under his banner.

    "Whenever we tries contacting him he kept procrastinating the project. And now we get to hear that he has completed Jail. Which Jail has he completed?," demanded Rajan Sharma.

    However, Bhandarkar has come forward to rubbish his claims.

    "When we launched the film in Taj Lands end and we did a big launch. Then no one came. By the time the movie gets released , even when I made Fashion some producer-director came and said it's my story. Page 3 also is my story. Before I start the movie it becomes news, so why don't the people come at that time. Why do people come at the *** end of the movie and say it's my story," said Bhandarkar.

    "Everybody knows I'm making the movie, I'm not a recluse director to keep my movie under wraps, people know what kind of movies I'm making and my concepts are very open and my titles suggest all the time what kind of movies I make," he added.

    Featuring Neil Nitin Mukesh, Jail as the title suggests is a grim, inside view of live in a jail through the eyes of a common man who gets caught on the wrong side of the law. The film is slated to release on the October 2.



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