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    Default Bhandarkar joins Ratnam, Ray, Adoor, Benegal

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    Madhur Bhandarkar's trilogy of Mumbai based movies is joining the annals of films that have not just been appreciated in India but have also made an impression internationally. To ensure that his films make their presence felt across the globe, National Film Archive of India, Pune, has invited the trio of Page 3, Corporate and Traffic Signal for their archives. His other National award winning film Chandni Bar is already preserved in the archives.

    What is notable is the fact that before Bhandarkar, it is films made by some great names such as Mani Ratnam, Satyajit Ray, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Shyam Benegal, Ritwik Ghatak and Mrinal Sen amongst others which have a found a place in the archives. With majority of his films becoming a part of the history in the making, this certainly is a step ahead in the right direction for Bhandarkar.

    Says Bhandarkar from Pune, "It is a great honor to have one's films find recognition at such a level. In fact I want to extend thanks to Sahara and Percept, producers of these films, for sharing the prints with the National Film Archive of India. This is good recognition for not just me but the entire crew which has worked with such passion in bringing Page 3, Corporate and Traffic Signal to such a platform."

    What does it mean for the films to be stored in archives? "The idea is to showcase these films to students and various institutes. Also, if there are any international film festivals being held, prints would be sent from National Film Archive of India. It works as a central repository of all films that are required to be screened at different events for years to come", informs Bhandarkar.

    Bhandarkar's films being archived in National Film Archive of India is not a solitary instance of recognition of his accomplished work over the years. In the past, most of his films (which have been acclaimed at national and international level) have even formed a part of case studies or even course curriculums.

    "I do work on my films with honesty and awards, rewards and recognitions which follow do come as added incentives. Of course, it feels good to see your films being taken seriously over the years. My name will always be associated with quality films and I hope that they continue to succeed in entertaining and enlightening the audience", concludes Bhandarkar.



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