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    Default Barfi: What the f*** is 'Fatafati'?

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    Na bhagwan ne sur diya hai, na taal diya hai", complains a reluctant Ranbir Kapoor before entering the studio to belt out four really snazzy verses of a song that basically translates to 'kickass'. His fear is assuaged by the cast that assures him that with new technology his voice can be modulated to sound musical.
    The result is a nipple-massaging (check out the video, you will know), arms flailing, male-bust-hugging, guitar strumming madcap, semi-rap, semi-country number. And it's not bad at all. It makes you want to get up and do silly dance moves in front of the mirror.
    Set to folksy tunes by Pritam with a liberal smattering of Bengali, 'Fatafati', the song from Kapoor's 'Barfi', is cut to unseen behind-the-scene visuals from the film. But for those unfamiliar with Bengali, what is the meaning of 'fatafati?'
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